Thank You

Thank You

I am so incredibly proud and grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful and dedicated individuals, people who wake up every day with a commitment to making this state a better place for man and animal alike. We were joined in this fight by hundreds of generous volunteers who helped propel this challenge to move from behind the speaker’s podium to behind the dais. That fight continues and its importance and urgency grows as every day passes.

This being our first attempt at storming the castle, it was truly a learning experience for all of us. Every time that we faced an obstacle, there were friends to help us over it. At times when it seemed we could not go on, folks like Katrina and Steve provided a leg up to reach a higher level. There were so many great friends that made this happen that I am reluctant to start naming them here. It will take me until Christmas to acknowledge everyone, from volunteers who collected petitions to phone bankers who called up through Election Day.

Some days you teach and some days you learn. Today we learned. We also have made a great friend in our next Senator Randy Bracy. I congratulate him as well as Senator Gary Siplin and Commissioner Bob Sindler on a hard fought campaign that focused on the issues without getting into negativity.

Together we pulled out a record number of primary voters. We gave voters choices that they had not previously had, largely due the League of Women Voters hard fought battle for fair districts. So we all won last night, our democracy won and the voters won.

Our next Senator Bracy and I have enjoyed a good relationship together even as we competed for the same office. I have offered to be his Vice Senator and help him establish a legacy as an environmental champion in the Florida Senate. He has agreed to carry our banner in Tallahassee and I encourage you to reach out and support him in that cause.

For now, I’m going to spend some much needed time with my loving and patient wife, Doris. She has sustained me in the realization of this dream – to run for public office. Now we have the time to travel and enjoy some quality time together.

It is time to rest, relax and reflect on the battles ahead. Thank you, my friends, and take heart – we are as committed to saving this state as the day we embarked on this journey.

Peace and Love to you all.